New and Featured Items

INTENSE™ Reprogrammed 3800 Powertrain Control Module (PCM)


Cometic MLS Head Gaskets


Yella Terra Series II/III 3800 Roller Rocker Arms


Aluminum 3800 Coolant Elbows


INTENSE™ Supercharged/Blower 3800 Camshafts


INTENSE™ Street/Strip Performance Shift Pak®


INTENSE™ Level 1 3800 L67/L32 Performance Package


Lower Intake Gaskets (L67/L32)


Siemens 60.0 (65.0) pound/hour Fuel Injectors


INTENSE LSJ Stage 3 Performance Package


Roto-Fab G8 Air Intake System


INTENSE G8 Cubby Gauge Mount


INTENSE Oil Filter Relocation Kit


Stage 8 Locking Header Bolt Kit for 3800 Series II/III


Rollmaster Double Timing Set


Rollmaster Single Timing Set


GM LS7 Hydraulic Lifters


PAC 105# Valve Springs


PAC 130# Valve Springs


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