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*Special thanks to Ed Morad for the awesome picture

Scott Cook lives in Westerville, Ohio and drove our turbo project car - a 1998 Grand Prix GTP. We started on it in January 2003 and it was unveiled three months later at IDD III. The first day at the track was a complete success. First pass of it's life was 12.044, and the fifth pass was 11.634 @ 119.97 mph (1.852 60'), which set the all-time 3800 FWD quarter mile record on its very first day at the track. The INTENSE team then continued raising the bar by beating their own records, and holding onto the 3800 FWD quarter mile record for 29 straight months (nearly two and a half years)!

This car had the distinction of having been the first ever 3800-powered FWD vehicle to exceed the trap speed barriers of 120 MPH, 125 MPH, 130 MPH, and 135 MPH. It was also first to break the 3800 FWD quarter mile barriers of 11.50, 11.00 and 10.50 seconds. As the 2005 race season began, we were closing in on 800 Horsepower, and planned to break into the nines. This goal was accomplished in October 2005 with a 9.996-second pass, and our team was convinced there was much more where that came from.

The car was built (and is NHRA/IHRA legal) to run as fast as 9.00. Here's the basic list of modifications:


  • Precision Turbo PT70GTQ compressor
  • Precision Turbo custom intercooler
  • Modified LS1 throttle body
  • Wilson Manifolds-modified L67 lower intake/plenum
  • INTENSE Stage 4 cylinder heads
  • Cometic .065" 4-layer MLS head gaskets
  • INTENSE 8.0:1 race short block
  • ATI SFI-approved damper
  • Rollmaster double roller timing chain setup
  • INTENSE Stage 4 turbo cam
  • CompCams 'OE R Series' lifters
  • INTENSE 3/8" pushrods
  • INTENSE 1.60:1 full roller rocker arms
  • Weldon 2015 fuel pump
  • PRJ custom fuel logs
  • Siemens 60.0 pound/hour fuel injectors
  • B & R Racing custom headers with ceramic coating by Toefco (1 5/8" primaries, 2 1/8" secondaries, 2 3/4" y-pipe, 3" downpipe)
  • INTENSE Oversized W-body radiator
  • Meziere electric water pump
  • INTENSE transaxle with 2.93:1 final drive ratio
  • INTENSE Third Gen LSD
  • GM Racing 1,200 horsepower race input shaft
  • GM Racing 800 horsepower sprockets/drive chain set
  • ATI TCR-3500 torque converter
  • INTENSE custom PCM
  • Custom ignition timing switchbox by Dan Marchio
  • PRJ custom 10.5 mm. spark plug wires
  • Autolite AR103 Race spark plugs @ .035" gap
  • 85 mm. SLP MAF sensor
  • Tech Edge Mini-AFC v1.0
  • B & R Racing custom 4130 roll cage
  • B & R Racing custom 4130 front control arms
  • B & R Racing custom 4130 front tie rod ends
  • B & R Racing custom front and rear coilover suspension
  • B $ R Racing 4130 trailing arms
  • B & R Racing custom 4130 wheelie bars
  • B & R Racing custom solid motor mounts
  • Percy's Speedglass polycarbonate front, rear and side windows
  • INTENSE Race Front Brake Kit
  • Monte Carlo aluminum engine cradle

We want to make special mention of some of the people who worked so hard to make this project become a reality:

Bob and Robby Cook - B & R Racing - custom headers, custom roll cage, custom wheelie bars, custom solid motor mounts, custom lightweight brakes, and other miscellaneous fabrication
Jeff Hickernell - Hickernell Engine Services - rotating assembly
Patrick - Precision Turbo - turbo and fuel system components
Doug Mann - Mann's Performance & Machine - roll bar bending and general advice
Jeff Percival - Percy's High Performance - polycarbonate windows
John Carson - E.M.J. - 4130 chrome moly tubing for roll cage
Wes Blair - carpet and lots of help with assorted items
Dan Marchio - dashboard electronics including WOT timing controls
Mike Vaughan - seats, harnesses and roll bar padding
Mike Murphy - exterior detailing
John Fearing - lots of help with assorted items
Russ Mitton - lots of help with assorted items
Ed Morad - lots of help with assorted items

Click Here for Scott Cook's 9.996 run in the INTENSE Turbo Grand Prix (WMV, 9.7mb)

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