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How fast is my L67-powered car in stock form?

We get asked this question all the time, so we're going to give this our best shot…

If you have a '97 to '02 GTP/GS or '04 to '06 Impala SS/Monte Carlo SS, your car will run about 14.8 in the quarter mile in stock form. There are lots of variables here, but this is a realistic average based on our experiences. If you have an SSEi, your car will be about one second slower. The Bonneville's are only a few hundred pounds heavier, but they are slower for several other reasons too:

  • additional weight (several hundred pounds)
  • poor weight distribution for drag racing (things like the battery in the back seat, aluminum hood, aluminum control arms and aluminum front bumper all work to reduce the percentage of weight on the front tires, resulting in less traction during acceleration)
  • larger front brakes (more rotating mass reduces power put to the ground)
  • larger tires and wheels (increased rotating mass takes more power to accelerate)
  • restrictive PCM (much more aggressive traction control system cannot be overridden by simply pulling a fuse; PCM will actually retard ignition timing if you try to power-brake the car)
  • no Performance Shift function (so shift points are lower and shifts are slower)
  • no air opening behind the headlight means that removing the headlight won't give you any cold air

The Regal GS is slightly (a couple tenths) slower than a similarly equipped GTP, for some of the same reasons as the SSEi.

There are MANY different possible paths to get you to a certain performance goal. Following are some EXAMPLES of recipes that we know work:

How can I get my GTP or GS to run in the low fourteens?

How can I get my GTP or GS to run in the high thirteen's?

How can I get my GTP or GS to run in the low thirteen's?

How can I get my GTP or GS to run in the twelve's or elevens?

  • Please contact us with your current mod list and budget, and we'll help put together the best package that meets your needs!

All the above numbers are GUIDELINES only, and make a few assumptions:

1. We assume you race at a reasonable altitude. You won't be able to match these times if your track is 5,000 feet above sea level for example.

2. We assume that you race in good weather conditions. You won't be able to match these times on a hot, humid day with low barometric pressure.

3. We assume that basic race preparation is done to the car. Remove the spare, empty the trunk, remove the floor mats, race with a quarter tank of fuel, set your tire pressures properly, etc.

4. We assume that you launch your car effectively. This is the most important part of the quarter mile race, and without a good launch, you will NOT be able to achieve your best E.T.

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