We are constantly receiving inquiries asking which mods should be done first, and what kinds of horsepower gains are realisitic at each level. So we recently got our hands on a 2000 Bonneville SSEi and set out to provide specific answers to those questions.

Baseline - 192 wheel horsepower, 240 crank horsepower

This is the starting point for the '97 to '03 L67-powered Grand Prix GTP, '97 to '04 Regal GS and '00 to '04 Bonneville SSEi. Pictured is Todd Allen's black 2000 SSEi, which he calls the '8-Ball'.

Level 1 (shown in red) - 221 wheel horsepower, 276 crank horsepower

First we installed an SLP cold air induction system, INTENSE? 3.40" supercharger pulley, Gatorback supercharger belt, INTENSE? 180 degree thermostat and Autolite 605 (one heat range colder) spark plugs. Net gains were 29 wheel horsepower, which is about 36 crank horsepower.

Level 2 (shown in blue) - 244 wheel horsepower, 305 crank horsepower

Next we added 1.90:1 INTENSE? Third Gen Full Roller Rocker Arms with no other changes. Net gains were 23 wheel horsepower, which is about 29 crank horsepower.

Level 3 - 257.1 wheel horsepower, 321.3 crank horsepower

For Level 3 we added an INTENSE? 3.20" pulley, SLP Headers, SLP Hi-Flo Cat, INTENSE? Oil-restricted pushrods, CompCams 105# valve springs, CompCams titanium retainers, Autolite 104 (2 ranges colder) spark plugs, and an INTENSE? 160 Thermostat.

Level 4 - 268.8 wheel horsepower, 336.0 crank horsepower

In Level 4 we added a custom intake using INTENSE? 4" air ducting and a 9" K&N filter, INTENSE? 3.00" pulley, INTENSE? Stage 1 PCM, INTENSE? Stage 1X cam, replaced INTENSE? 3rd Gen 1.90:1 rockers with INTENSE? 3rd Gen adjustable 1.60:1 rockers, balance shaft delete, INTENSE? oil pressure kit, and a single chain Rollmaster timing set.

Level 5 - 322.5 wheel horsepower, 403.0 crank horsepower

In Level 5 we added a Generation V Supercharger and INTENSE? 2.80" pulley. Net gains were an astonishing 50 horsepower at the wheels.

Level 6 - 338.4 wheel horsepower, 423.0 crank horsepower

In Level 6 we added an INTENSE? Gen V Intercooler and a 2.60" pulley. Net gains were 17 horsepower at the wheels.

Level 7 - 372.5 wheel horsepower, 466.0 crank horsepower

In Level 7 we added INTENSE? Stage 3 Heads and a 3" exhaust. Net gains were an amazing 33.6 horsepower at the wheels.

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