INTENSEô Forged Output Shaft versus our competitor

This is a close-up of our output shaft (bottom) and our competitorís output shaft (top), which has been used for only approximately three weeks. The first thing you notice is the shined/scored area on the competitorís output shaft. This shaft appears to have some clearance issues, and is apparently rubbing internal transaxle components:

Here is a close-up of the competitorís clearance issue:

It may appear that our output shaft is not heat-treated due to it not being "dull" in color. We use a process known as induction heat-treating which is significantly more efficient and precise than traditional fuel-fired heat treatment technology. This special process optimizes torsional strength without causing brittleness and does not dull the color of the metal, unlike some fuel-fired heat treating.

Next we will examine the sides of our output shaft (left) versus our competitorís output shaft (right). Looking at the ends of these pieces show the true machining quality behind the output shafts. Rough edges and poor spline finishing demonstrates the quality of the competitorís output shaft. Transaxle components need to be machined with the highest quality and tightest tolerances in mind, not the lightest weight or the cheapest price. The picture below speaks for itself:

In order to save weight, our competitor gun drills a hole all the way through the middle of their output shaft. In our opinion this is a very risky way to shave 1.5 pounds. Even the stock output shaft is solid!

INTENSEô has been building high-performance 4T65E transaxle components longer than anyone else in the business. We know what performs and what fails. By constantly pushing the envelope to discover weak links, we can bring you stronger parts that we are proud to put our name on. When you purchase proven INTENSEô transaxle components you can be assured that they are manufactured to the highest quality standards and proven to perform in your vehicle.

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