Intercooled L32 Engine Lays Down 287.6 WHP

We recently installed the INTENSE? Intercooler Kit on a 2004 GTP CompG with 14,500 miles. Wheel horsepower (WHP) improved from 243.5 to 287.6 for a gain of 44.1 WHP or ~55 crankshaft horsepower on pump gas!

Existing mods were INTENSE? Gen III 1.90:1 rockers, headers, INTENSE? 3.40" supercharger pulley and an INTENSE? Standard PCM. A baseline dyno was performed and the SAE corrected peak WHP was 243.5. This works out to ~44 crankshaft horsepower more than the factory rating.

A few degrees of KR were present on the baseline run, even though the air/fuel was a little on the rich side. The factory fuel injectors were completely maxed out, showing pulse widths as high as 27 milliseconds. And MAF readings were as high as 16,700 Hz., even though the factory MAF table ends at 11,500 Hz. in the PCM.

We installed the complete INTENSE? Intercooler kit, and a 3.10" supercharger pulley. We also switched to larger fuel injectors to eliminate that limitation, and an SLP MAF sensor so we could still have valid airflow readings sent to the PCM. Running on the same 93-octane Shell gasoline, and using the same SAE correction factor, we were able to produce peak WHP of 287.6. The total gain was 44.1 WHP or ~55 crankshaft horsepower!

The final WHP number of 287.6 works out to ~359.5 crankshaft horsepower, which is ~99.5 horsepower more than the factory rating. With the addition of race fuel or a good camshaft, we should be able to run several pulley sizes smaller and/or add some ignition timing.

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