NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plugs


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Plug type:
NGK TR55 (Each, copper)
NGK TR6 (Each, copper)
NGK TR6IX ($8.99 each, Iridium)
NGK TR7 (Each, copper)


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All Series II and Series III 3800 engines

We offer these spark plugs in multiple heat ranges depending on your level of modifications. Our recommendations are as follows:
- Use the NGK TR55 spark plugs for a stock heat range in a naturally aspirated or lightly modified motor (Gap at .060).
- Use the NGK TR6 spark plugs (one to two heat ranges colder than stock) if you have a 3800 Series II or III engine with up to 12 pounds of boost. At this level, we recommend reducing the spark plug gap to 0.050", or .035" with nitrous oxide.
- Use the NGK TR6IX plugs as an upgraded stock replacement plug.
- Use the NGK TR7 plugs (two to three heat ranges colder than stock) if you have a 3800 Series II or III engine with 12 or more pounds of boost. The spark plug gap should be 0.040" to 0.045" typically.

NGK Spark Plugs are sold in eaches. If you want a set of six, please order a quantity of '6'.
Prior to installation, clean the threads of the spark plug holes. We recommend you lightly coat the threads of your spark plugs with anti-seize, and install them hand tight plus 1/16th of a turn, or torque them to 11 to 18 foot-pounds.

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