GM 85mm MAF Install Kit

GM 85mm MAF Install Kit


Part Number: INT-MAF-KIT

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Harness type:
Series II
Series III (2004+ Grand Prix)


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This hardware is used to install an LQ4 / LS style MAF sensor on a GM 3800 engine, Series 2 or 3.  Typically used with our Delphi MAF sensor, the kit includes a silicone throttle body adapter, two hose clamps, and your choice of MAF adapter harness.  The MAF sensor is not included, but available from us separately.

Your PCM will need to be adjusted for the new MAF curve.

Cold air intakes will typically need to be modified for this MAF sensor, as it is a different diameter than the stock throttle body.  Those using our INTENSE Fenderwell Intake systems will usually find that the silicone throttle body adapters in the kits clamp directly to this MAF with no modifications, though you may wish to cut 4-6" off your intake tubing to keep the system length consistent.

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