Gatorback Accessory Belt for use with Meziere Electric Water Pump

Gatorback Accessory Belt for use with Meziere Electric Water Pump


Part Number: GB6-8xx

Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

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  • 1997-1998 Series II 3800 with installed Meziere Electric Water Pump*
  • 1999+ Series II/III 3800 with installed Meziere Electric Water Pump*

Continental (formerly Goodyear) Gatorback’s unique Helicog™ tooth design helps to eliminate horsepower robbing belt slippage that can occur if your supercharger belt is old, worn or stretched, or if you're using a smaller pulley. Gatorback also swallows up irritating chirps, squeaks and squeals due to its Helicog™ tooth design. Unlike the straight cogs on standard v-ribbed belts, the diagonal Helicog™ teeth on Gatorback actually cancel the noise of pulley contact from one offset cog to another. The result is a reduction in operating noise by as much as 15 decibels.

Gator-Strong Construction

No belt is built to last like Gatorback. The backing of the belt is composed of a tough coated fabric that provides twice the abrasion resistance of standard belts. It's oil and heat resistant, too.

Gator-Tough Durability

The belt's Helicog™ tooth design gives Gatorback added flexibility, which translates into a cooler running belt. And a cooler belt lasts longer - nearly three times longer than competitive cogged v-ribbed belts. With that kind of durability, Gatorback eats up the competition.


1. Strong, Stretch-Resistant Tension Member.

Specially treated to maintain tension and resist stretch on both locked center drives and spring tension systems.

2. Tough Synthetic Rubber Ribs.

Fiber-reinforced Wingprenereg. rubber helical cogged ribs offer maximum cord support and wear resistance for unsurpassed performance in high horsepower applications.

3. Oil And Abrasion- Resistant Backing.

The backing on every Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V belt is a tough coated fabric material. It's impregnated with Wingprenereg. rubber for heat and oil resistance to provide the high coefficient of friction needed to drive flat pulleys.


* These belts are 4 inches shorter than normal to compensate for slack created by installing a Meziere Electric Water Pump.

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