INTENSE 5th Gen Camaro ECM Tune

INTENSE 5th Gen Camaro ECM Tune


Part Number: CAM5-ECM

Shipping Weight: 2.50 pounds

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What can an INTENSE ECM do for you?

For over five years INTENSE has brought PCM/ECM Tuning to the late model GM FWD community. Now INTENSE offers our experience and tuning expertise to the Chevrolet Camaro community. Air/Fuel adjustments along with ignition timing tweaks and the reduction of excessive torque management produce a realistic and repeatable 15-20 rwhp on 6.2L Camaro's using 93/94 octane*. Fan point changes in conjunction with a cooler thermostat help the cooling system keep the extra heat in check and we also enable the cooling fans to run at key-off under certain conditions. INTENSE tunes produce the hardest launching Camaro's and while you won’t see these changes on the dyno, you’ll definitely feel them the first time you leave hard from a stop. Instead of the relatively benign power produced off idle by your stock ECM, our optimized tune will plant you hard in your seat and give your tires a workout.

  • Dyno Proven Air/Fuel adjustments
  • Ignition timing tweaks
  • All speed limiters are removed
  • Cooling Fan Adjustments
  • Idle RPM raised slightly
  • Each ECM is written with your correct VIN.
  • Torque management reductions
  • Every INTENSE ECM is coded with the correct year, make and model of your vehicle and is completely undetectable by a dealer.
  • Each ECM starts with the latest operating system available from GM for your VIN. This means if there is an operating system upgrade available for your vehicle you will automatically receive it and then we apply our changes on top of that. We use GM Service Programming System (SPS) for this service and receive monthly updates. See for details.
  • We have complete access to thousands of parameters within every ECM. For example we can disable individual DTC's based on a customer's specific needs.
  • INTENSE ECM's are processed and shipped with the same top notch service INTENSE has been known to provide. Most ECM's will ship within one business day of your order!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How hard is the Camaro ECM to install?
    Installation is done by either bringing the car to our facility for installation or using HP Tuners VCM Suite along with a laptop and our INTENSE ECM Binary file.

    What hardware and software does INTENSE use to do ECMs ?
    We use a combination of GM SPS, EASE, TIS and HP Tuners Professional hardware and software. We do not lock our programming and this allows you to use software such as HP Tuners to modify your code in the future.

    How does your ECM compare to other brands?
    Notice in our before and after tune that the "after" air/fuel is almost textbook. WOT ignition timing is also optimized.

    Some tuners only change a couple of settings. Here at INTENSE, we know GM tuning inside and out. Here is a partial list of the tables we change in our base Camaro tunes. Some of these tables contain dozens of fields, so our typical Camaro tune will have approximately 200 changes.

    Target idle speed table (for park, neutral and in gear) MAF calibration table (airflow versus frequency)
  • Power enrichment table (equivalency ratio versus engine speed)
  • Main spark advance table (high octane)
  • Base upshift time tables (special mode)
  • Upshift time inertia adder tables (special mode)
  • Downshift time inertia adder tables (special mode)
  • Cooling fan run time (at key-off)
  • Engine coolant temperature zone tables (for fan modes)
  • Fan desired tables (percentage versus ECT)
  • Speed limiters (all set to 255 mph)

    Do you lock your ECMs?
    No. Unlike our some of our competitors we do not lock our programming which can cause problems down the road if you want to make changes or purchase an editor like HP Tuners. If you have HP Tuners or any other programmer you will be able to read, modify and write to your ECM at any point, for any reason.

    Will your ECM affect my fuel economy?
    Not directly, no. If you enjoy the performance gains, you're likely to drive the car harder, and this will reduce your fuel economy. But we don't change any light throttle parameters at all.

    Why don't you make light throttle changes for fuel economy improvements?
    We do not believe that we are smarter than G.M. powertrain engineers in this area.

    Why are your ECMs so much less expensive (43% in some cases!) than some other brands?
    INTENSE has been a dyno tuning and mail order ECM leader for many years. We have ECM core vendors and channel partners already in place that allow us to offer products at a lower price than other startup companies.

    Do your Camaro ECMs include TCM (transmission) changes also?
    If you come to INTENSE for a ECM flash or custom dyno tune, then these changes are also included. If you order a mail order ECM, then only the engine calibrations are made.

    What if I don't like your INTENSE ECM for any reason?
    Just send it back to us within seven days for a full refund.

    *While optimized for 93/94 octane, our tunes will work fine with octane as low as 87 although performance will suffer.
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