AeroForce Fuel/Oil Pressure Sensor Kits

AeroForce Fuel/Oil Pressure Sensor Kits


Part Number: AFT-SEN-PSK

Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

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The sensor kits listed below have 0-5v outputs which are compatible with AeroForce Interceptor gauges. For those who already have an Aeroforce gauge these provide an inexepensive and easier alternative to buying and installing separate gauges for these functions.

Both sensors have a range of 150 psi and come with the proper mating connector and 5' pigtail. They have a 1/8" male NPT fitting.

We also carry -4 adapters, listed below, to help with fuel pressure installation.

150 psi oil pressure sensor kit:
- (Includes connector/pigtail)
- accurate to +/- 1 psi

150 psi fuel pressure sensor kit:
- (Includes connector/pigtail)
- accurate to +/- 1 psi

4AN fitting with 1/8" NPT port. Ideal for most fuel sensor installs when a -4 schrader valve is found on the fuel rail.
Note: -4 cap is included

5v regulated power supply Simply connects to switched 12v and ground to supply 5v to our sensor kits. Eliminates the need to tap into other sensor wires or the PCM.

For questions visit our forums here and go to the "Sensor Kit" subforum.

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