Venturi Specific Walbro Fuel Pump

Venturi Specific Walbro Fuel Pump


Part Number: 3800-FTS-VFP

Shipping Weight: 1.10 pounds

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  • 1997-2000 Grand Prix with 3800 Series II engine
  • 2000-2000 Impala with 3800 Series II engine
  • 1998-2000 Lumina with 3800 Series II engine
  • 1998-2000 Monte Carlo with 3800 Series II engine
  • 1995-2000 Regal with 3800 Series II engine

Genuine Made in USA 255 liter per hour pump!

Why a venturi specific fuel pump?
This pump assembly is designed to fit in the factory pump location. The venturi specific pump is equipped with a factory type fuel tube not a rubber hose. This fuel tube is important as when the fuel module is placed back in the tank it must bend sharply which can cause standard rubber hose to kink. This fuel tube is much more resistant to the solvents in today’s gas and it will not crack, split, swell and collapse like a rubber hose. This is why G.M. uses them as OE equipment.

This Walbro pump assembly is equipped with an outlet which supplies the factory venturi system which is required to keep the factory system functional and allow all of the gas in the tank to be used.

The Pump
The Venturi specific pump assembly is based on Walbro gerotor pump technology utilizing the most powerful armature and gear set currently available. Walbro has set the industry standard in high-performance in-tank pumps. Walbro pumps are QS9000 certified and are used as OE equipment in many production performance vehicles such as the C5 Corvette. Walbro's gerotor design is able to maintain high pressures while providing high volumes as well. This is done by squeezing the fuel out between two gears instead of pushing it like most factory vane pumps do. (i.e. factory pump). This positive displacement design makes high-performance Walbro pumps small, light weight, quiet, efficient and reliable.

The Wiring Harness Option
All fuel pumps are voltage sensitive, the lower the voltage the lower the fuel volume. Gerotor pumps exhibit a significant increase in fuel volume with increased supply voltage. A Walbro pump's average fuel volume increases over 18% by increasing the supply voltage from 12 to 13.5 volts. The factory harness is marginal at best for supplying a factory pump with enough voltage to perform well. This is why the 'hot wire' modification is so popular. Replacing the factory pump with a high-performance pump can easily double the current demand under W.O.T. pressures. The voltage drop in the factory harness increases proportionally to the current demands of the pump. We have documented tests where the voltage drop in a factory harness has caused over a 25% drop in fuel pump volume. This harness uses heavy 10 gauge copper wire to reduce voltage-drop to very low levels. The factory gauge of wire used is three gauges thinner. Our power feed comes off the back of the alternator where voltage is highest. It then runs through a Delphi weatherproof fuse holder and then to the back of the car. This harness uses three-position male and female Delphi Weatherpack connectors which plug in-line with the factory harness at the back of the tank. No cutting or splicing is required. A Siemens weatherproof 40 amp rated mil-spec. relay is used. These relays have silver plated contacts and are the best money can buy so that you can have trouble-free operation. All the harness connections are crimped using certified Delphi crimpers and are soldered as well. We supply a spare ATC fuse, black vinyl wire ties, silicon grease and mounting hardware with each kit.

- Please see our step by step instructions on how to modify and install the Walbro 255lph fuel pump in W-body vehicles.

- As a service to our customers we warranty these pumps for 30 days however Walbro offers no warranty as they state they have no defects. Typically when a Walbro fuel pump fails it is due to dirt in the fuel system or improper voltage applied to it. Due to their stance towards defects we will not be able to exchange pumps after 30 days. If you feel you have a legitimate warranty complaint after 30 days we can get you in touch with a Walbro associate.

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